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Fly tipping

TLC-200 makes a perfect solution for fly tipping sites

The TLC-200 is a fully weatherproof  HD image recorder which is capable of running in either time lapse mode or can be only triggered when it senses local movement.  Its HD imager gathers information  along with its time and date and stores it automatically on a local SD card.  The TLC-200 is powered by 4 x AA batteries and can record months of high quality information easily.

Installation can be as simple as  placing the product in a suitable location near the threat site itself or in a specially constructed hide.  The TLC-200 can deliver over 300,000 HD images from its own batteries and requires no specialist install skills to use. The added advantage of high definition images  and time lapse options mean that great quality images can easily be  gathered from almost every  potential fly tipping scenario. Using the weatherproof enclosure improves the ease of use.  This can be painted to match any finish from stones, grass and tree bark as shown here.

For more information download our full application sheet here ....


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