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Gardening Videos

TLC-200 the perfect gardening cameraPowered by only 4 X AA batteries, the TLC-200 has evolved from the earlier Brinno Garden camera range to offer crisp HD images from a small and easy to use unit.

The TLC-200 contains a 1.3Mp camera, integral recorder and viewing screen.  It has the capability to record over 300,000 high quality images and save them as a conventional video file from a single set of batteries.  This means that at 1 frame an hour, the TLC 200 can run for over 210 days.  Custom settings can extend this period even further.

Gardening projects like seed propagation, fruit development or even just building a raised seed bed, can easily be captured without expensive and specialized video equipment.  

The TLC-200 even has a low light option to prevent you wasting battery during the hours of darkness (although we are not sure why you would be building a raised seed bed in the dark!!)

All the captured images are stored on a local SD card which can be played on windows media player or similar.  For those more creative types, the TLC shutter cable option allows you to manually control the image capture to create perfect animations.

Check out the video if you want to see more.

Watch the video!