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Remote site monitoring

Remote site monitoring with the Brinno MAC-100

The MAC-100 is a fully weatherproof  HD integrated camera and recorder which is capable of capturing high quality video images automatically. The MAC-100 is totally self contained and does not require and specialist installation skills or external cabling.   Its HD imager gathers high quality information  along with its time and date and stores it automatically on a local SD card. 

The MAC-100 is powered by 4 x AA batteries and can record months of high quality information easily

Installation can be as simple as  placing the product in a suitable location near the threat site itself or in a specially  constructed hide. The MAC-100 is fully weatherproof and can be used  in either industrial or residential applications.

Typical applications include, Isolated buildings, sheds and conservatories,  gardens or  storage areas.  All gathered images are recorded in a common AVi format and can be viewed easily.


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