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The TLC200 Pro allows for a wide range of lenses to be fitted.  We are able to offer two groups of lenses for the TLC200 Pro; Integral (they fit inside the weatherproof enclosure) and external (they are not weatherproof)
Please note that any additional lenses fitted to the TLC200 Pro will require an additional IR cut filter.  This can be supplied as either part of a kit or as a stand-alone item.

IR cut Filter
Price: £16.80

Brinno UK IR cut Filter

If you are looking at changing the lens on the TLC200 Pro and you don't want to exclusively shoot at night or record images of purple trees- you will need one of these!
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16 mm lens
Price: £39.60

Brinno UK 16 mm lens

16mm lens for TLC200 Pro.  This lens will fit into the ATH120 weatherproof case.
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6 mm lens
Price: £39.60

Brinno UK 6 mm lens

Brinno UK certified add-on lens for the TLC200 Pro camera.  This 6 mm lens is designed to be used within the weatherproof enclosure
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Lens adaptor ring
Price: £10.80

Brinno UK Lens adaptor ring

TLC200 Pro Replacement Lens Adaptor
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